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Report a Shark, Skate or Ray in BC

Report a Shark, Skate or Ray in BC
If you catch a shark or skate while fishing or see one washed up on a beach, we want to hear from you! Here are some steps you can take quickly and with little equipment. Note if a beached shark is alive or shows any responsiveness - do NOT touch it. If you happen to catch the shark while fishing please take a photo and release the animal alive.

Essential information to record

  • Record date, time and location including GPS coordinates (if possible)
  • Length from tip of nose to tip of tail (use your foot length if no equipment is available)
  • Behaviour - if alive what was it doing
  • Sex – males have claspers
  • Any marks, injuries or fishing gear that suggests how the animal may have died

Photograph details to take

  • Whole animal, preferably the SIDE view (include hand or foot for scale)
  • Underside of the head and under the pectoral fins
  • Underside of the pelvic fins (verifies shark’s sex)
  • Teeth, close-up (verifies species identification)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Obstruction is Justice in the Australian Shark Cull

Obstruction is Justice in the Australian Shark Cull: This article gives interesting insight into the shark cull with amazing photos and video footage. It also lead me to discover who Madison Stewart is: a shark-lover in Australia who has been diving with sharks since she was 12. She is on a mission to save sharks - her family - through her diving, photos, filmmaking and resistance. She has a new film coming out on World Oceans Day (June 8th) entitled "Shark Girl". Watch the trailer here:

Shark Girl Trailer from Kaufmann Productions Pty Ltd on Vimeo.
SHARK GIRL is the inspiring story of Madison Stewart and her passionate fight to save the creature most of us fear - sharks.

ABC 2, Wednesday 11 June @ 8.30pm

Natural History Museum, Washington DC, Sunday 8 June @ 4 pm
Premiere screening followed by Q&A with Madison Stewart
Smithsonian Channel, TV premiere, Sunday 15 June @ 8 pm

Germany, Austria, Switzerland & on satellite throughout Europe (in German):
Servus TV, Wednesday 11 June @ 8.15 pm

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